Toyota Prius Most Oft-Mentioned Vehicle on Facebook, Twitter

As you might have guessed from our most recent blog post, we have a hard time not talking about the Prius here at our dealership. Apparently, however, we're not alone there.

A recent survey by GenSent Insights, which specializes in social analytics, found that the popular hybrid is one of the most talked-about cars on social media platforms. Data was gathered from major sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and other sources, and marked each time the Prius was mentioned in conversations and comments. According to GenSent Insights, the model was mentioned an astounding 86,000 times in the Twitterverse alone--three times that of the competition.

What's more, the social analytics company also calculated the dollar amount of the hybrid's social media worth. And do you know what it came out to?

$14.5 million dollars. Wow.

And it's no wonder, if we take an example of the impact of just one tweet by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame. One of Clarkson's tweets about the model generated over 8,371 mentions alone. That's the power of the Internet for you!

We love the Prius. The Internet loves the Prius. Do you?

The folks at Dayton Toyota are here to help you find out. Stop by our South Brunswick, NJ showroom and see what has everyone in the digital sphere so twitterpated. We can answer any questions you have about this great hybrid, or other models, and arrange test drives. There's also the option of live chat available right here on our website for immediate queries.

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