House Hold Items Help Create Traction In Winter Weather

With winter months come wintry precipitation, such as snow, freezing rain, hail, sleet, and also rain that freezes a few hours. All forms of winter precipitations make for dangerous driving. If you don’t have a vehicle that’s properly equipped to navigate its way through snow, sleet, or freezing rain you could find yourself off the road. But if you do slide off the road there are a few things you should have in your car to help give you traction and on your way.

Salt can help mitigate the formation of icy precipitation, and so can sand. While salt actually prevents such weather from forming ice on hard surfaces – think pavement or smooth concrete, like what’s in your garage – sand can also help you navigate over such obstacles.

Kitty litter actually makes the ground more slippery, although adding under stuck wheels will likely result in them getting unstuck. Keep in mind you can even use sand in the place of kitty litter; but not the other way around.

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