Regular Replacement of Engine and Cabin Air Filters is Necessary

Filters are an important part of your car's operation and are also involved in cabin comfort. Your engine needs a good supply of air to work well; when the engine air filter is clogged, it can result in reduced gas mileage. A clean engine filter assures optimal combustion and engine performance.

Likewise, the cabin air filter helps improve interior air quality by preventing dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates from entering your car's interior. Over time, this filter may also become clogged, particularly if you regularly drive on dusty roads or in a construction environment in South Brunswick.

Both types of filters should regularly be replaced. Our service technicians at Dayton Toyota will inspect your engine air filter and change it at recommended intervals or before if they deem it necessary. Chances are you won't notice that you need a new cabin air filter but our techs will automatically do so.



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