Toyota Avalon and Its Impressive Safety Features

Why are drivers raving about the all-new Toyota Avalon full-size sedan? Perhaps it has to do with the fact this vehicle is packed with helpful safety features for keeping drivers safer on the roads.

Take the Avalon on the highway and set your speed control, the vehicle will do the rest. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system is designed to monitor the road, and if a slow-moving vehicle is in front of you, the speed is automatically reduced until your desired speed can be resumed.

Once you are on the roads at night, the Avalon Automatic High Beams system is going to improve your visibility by switching from low beams to high beams when there are no other cars on the road. This system can switch back and forth hands-free as road conditions will dictate.

Now you can experience all these safety features and more when you visit Dayton Toyota and take the Avalon for a test drive.



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