Look at a Few New Toyota Prius c Safety Features

This year's Toyota Prius C compact hybrid hatchback is full of safety features.

The Pre-Collision Assist system in the all-new Toyota Prius C was designed to reduce the chances of a driver getting involved in a rear-end collision. The sensors scan the road for a collision-risk, then after flashing several alerts, will begin to pre-charge the brakes to avoid getting into an accident.

The Lane-Keeping System that is equipped in the Toyota Prius C helps the driver to stay in the lanes on the road. If the sensors identify the vehicle is starting to drift out of the lane, vibrations are sent to the steering wheel so the driver snaps to attention and can bring the vehicle back under control.

The best way to really get a feel for these features is to come and visit us at Dayton Toyota and take the all-new Toyota Prius C on the road for a test drive.



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