Exploring Toyota Entune With a Quick Overview

Dayton Toyota has seen its share of updated vehicles as they come in every year. These updates are there for various reasons like safety or to make the ride more enjoyable. The Toyota Entune offers drivers a little bit of both, which makes us pretty excited about it.

An Overview

The Entune is the first smartphone-based infotainment system out there. The interconnectivity between your phone and car makes this system unique amongst the rest.

Another aspect of the system that is probably going to delight car shoppers is the device is pretty easy to use.

It comes with an eight-inch touch screen and four buttons that include: Home, Menu, Audio, and Info. You are also going to find a tune, scroll knob, and a larger knob that can help you turn the volume up or down, which is great for easy control while driving in South Brunswick.

The device lets you see how much you've driven, how much fuel you have, when your car should be serviced, and other information drivers will find invaluable.



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