Toyota Corolla Hatchback Performance Features

Look good and have fun in the Toyota Corolla

When driving through South Brunswick, is doesn’t hurt to look good while you are enjoying the ride. The new Corolla keeps that in mind.

The stylish rear spoiler may turn heads, but it is functional also. The spoiler catches the wind to create down draft. This pushes on the rear of the Corolla and keeps the wheels glued to the ground. Better handling makes for a more enjoyable ride.

Even when you aren’t in the Corolla, you can still have fun. Toyota’s new Wearable Technology allows you to integrate Corolla functions with an Apple Watch or Android Smartwatch. When the app is downloaded and the watch is programmed, it can be used to start your Corolla, lock or unlock it or turn the lights on or off.

We at Dayton Toyota think you will look as good in the new Corolla and put a little fun back into driving. After a test drive, we think you will be hooked.



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