The Performance Of The Toyota RAV4

For many years now, the Toyota RAV4 has been a top-selling smaller SUV. This vehicle has a well-equipped interior, and the exterior of the vehicle will make a great impression on all who see it. The Toyota RAV4 provides you with some outstanding performance features that are sure to please even those who are hard to impress.

One performance feature of the Toyota RAV4 is Toyota's New Global Architecture Design. This design allows for a wider wheelbase for the RAV4. This wider wheelbase allows the vehicle to handle in a much smoother fashion. It allows the RAV4 to have additional interior room and a stronger overall body design.

The Toyota RAV4 also features driving modes for superior performance. If you want swift acceleration, choose the Sport Mode. In the ECO Mode, the Toyota RAV4 provides you with extra fuel efficiency. Normal Mode provides the best features of the the other two modes of driving operation.



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