Tech features keep you connected to the world during your daily commute. Toyota Avalon has trend-forward tech features to match or best its competition. That's why this full-size sedan is among the most sought after and purchased in its category. It helps that Avalon is sleek, handsome, powerful and efficient. Here are two tech features that caught our Dayton Toyota team's attention.

Smartwatch Remote Operation

Avalon's IQ trounces competition. This sedan communicates with Apple Watch and compatible smartwatches at your command. With a few taps of your finger or voice commands, you can locate Avalon's parking location, lock or unlock its doors, or start Avalon's engine.

Device Charging Without Wires

?The ever popular Qi wireless charging tech is now integrated into Avalon's in-cabin amenities. With Avalon's Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging, simply place your device beneath the center stack and let it juice up. There are also four USB 2.0 ports for enhanced connectivity and charging of multiple devices simultaneously. Contact our South Brunswick dealership today, and see why this full-size sedan leaves competitors in the virtual dust.


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