Preventing Dangerous Tire Blowouts

Having a tire rupture while driving down the road presents a potentially dangerous situation. The problem is especially hazardous should the blow-out occur on a front tire, which diminishes the driver's ability to safely handle the vehicle. Prevention is key to avoiding a possible disaster.

Routinely check each tire for signs of wear and tear. If a tire looks cracked, aged or has dry rot, it needs replacing to prevent rupture at an inopportune time. Check the tread by inverting a penny between the treads. If Lincoln's head is visible, the tire has insufficient tread depth and needs replacing.

Over or under filled tires wear unevenly and decrease the lifespan of the tire. At least once a month, check the pressure in each tire and fill it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. For any tire concerns you may have, consult with one of our Dayton Toyota technicians for answers and repairs.


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