Your tires may be telling you they need replacement soon. You can listen by following these tire-wear tips from us at Dayton Toyota.

Often, you can use a penny to test your tires. Point Lincoln's head into a groove on a tire. Go until the penny's edge contacts the groove's bottom. If Abe is obscured, your tire has sufficient tread. When there's room to see the top of his head, you should seek tire replacement in South Brunswick.

We can also check for ample tread using a feature called a tread bar. Any modern consumer tire includes several tread bars. Each bar sits at the bottom of a tire groove. Rubber above a tread bar comprises sufficient tread. When you cannot detect material above each tread bar on a tire, that tire needs replacement. While you examine your tires, also look for sidewall cracks, bulges and blisters. These also indicate that a tire has served its purpose and must be replaced.


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