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Try These Tire Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Today

Dirty, poorly maintained tires can detract from the appearance of an otherwise clean, mint-condition vehicle. To keep tires of any age looking like new, the car care experts here at Dayton Toyota offer the following detailing tips.

As with most cleaning tasks, the initial step to tire maintenance is gathering all of your critical supplies in one place. A hose connected to a source of running water, a gentle scrub brush, towels for drying and tire protectant spray are the key components that you’ll need to get your vehicle’s tires clean and road-ready.

The tires should be washed…

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Our Fixed Ops Director Mike Dooley Was Named MCVTS Business Partner of the Year

Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools Have Named Our Fixed Ops Director, Mike Dooley, Their Business Partner of the Year!


This Award is given to local businesspeople who support their community by hiring and supporting students who are interested in educating themselves on a craft to advance their careers.  Mike worked with about 16 students who were interested in automotive careers and helped them get experience working at a dealership.  


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Why Choose a Repair Shop with ASE-Certified Personnel?

If you’re seeking a service center for your vehicle, it only makes sense to select one that’s run by a competent team. One way to know that a shop is staffed by experienced, highly trained personnel is by looking for one that includes mechanics who have been certified through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Although ASE certification does not guarantee a superior level of workmanship every time, it does provide an indication that a technician is qualified to handle a wide range of repair and maintenance services. In order to receive ASE credentials,

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How to Tell When You Need Your Tires Replaced

Your tires may be telling you they need replacement soon. You can listen by following these tire-wear tips from us at Dayton Toyota.

Often, you can use a penny to test your tires. Point Lincoln's head into a groove on a tire. Go until the penny's edge contacts the groove's bottom. If Abe is obscured, your tire has sufficient tread. When there's room to see the top of his head, you should seek tire replacement in South Brunswick.


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Preventing Dangerous Tire Blowouts

Having a tire rupture while driving down the road presents a potentially dangerous situation. The problem is especially hazardous should the blow-out occur on a front tire, which diminishes the driver's ability to safely handle the vehicle. Prevention is key to avoiding a possible disaster.

Routinely check each tire for signs of wear and tear. If a tire looks cracked, aged or has dry rot, it needs replacing to prevent rupture at an inopportune time. Check the tread by inverting a penny between the treads. If Lincoln's head is visible, the tire has insufficient tread depth and needs…

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Keep on Rolling With New Tires

It can be difficult to choose a tire if you are not very familiar with the specs. There are several different types, many different manufacturers, and many specialty tires. However, for your daily routine of taking the kids to school or getting groceries in South Brunswick, New Jersey, you can basically narrow your search down to a couple of types of tires.

Passenger tires are usually standard on all new vehicles and they are good for getting from point A to point B safely.

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Toyota Tundra Models Recalled for Proactive Measures

In the event of a recall, no matter the size, our team at Dayton Toyota is quick to keep our local South Brunswick, NJ drivers safe with the information that they need. In the last week, Toyota has issues a safety recall for close to 73,000 Toyota Tundra models from both the 2016 and 2017 model years - all due to an issue with their equipped resin rear step bumpers and resin reinforcement brackets.

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The World's Most Reliable Hybrid

Bob Old is getting some attention from Toyota over in the UK.


He is driving, quite possibly, the most reliable Toyota Prius on the road.

Bob bought his Prius from his local dealership 11 years ago. That might not seem like a tremendously long time, until you read his odometer.

Bob has put around 435,000 miles on his car. We're not even sure how.

A driver as exhaustive as Bob knows the importance of caring for a car properly. That's why he's always making it to his regularly scheduled service appointments, and taking care of…

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