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2017 Toyota 86 Coupé Descripción

2017 Toyota
86 Coupé

Comenzando en: $26,255

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  • Capacidad máxima de pasajeros - 4
  • Asientos delanteros tipo butaca
  • Asiento trasero de tipo banco
  • Pomo de la palanca de cambios forrado en cuero
  • Radio AM/FM
  • Sistema de radio datos
  • Controles en el volante para sistema de sonido
  • Altavoces - 8
  • 1a fila pantallas de cristal líquido LCD - 1
  • Dimensión de la pantalla LCD primaria - 7.0 plg
  • Conectividad inalámbrica - Bluetooth
  • Suspensión independiente a las cuatro ruedas
  • Barra estabilizadora delantera
  • Barra estabilizadora trasera
  • Dirección asistida
  • Aros de ruedas de aleación
  • Llantas delanteras - 215/45 WR17.0
  • Llantas traseras - 215/45 WR17.0
  • Dimensión de los aros de ruedas - 17 pulg
  • Llantas de alto rendimiento
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Control de velocidad de crucero
  • Ventanas eléctricas
  • Apertura de un solo toque
  • Cierre de un solo toque
  • Cerradura central de seguros a distancia con control remoto
  • Entrada con iluminación
  • Volante inclinable
  • Volante telescópico
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del conductor
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del pasajero
  • Portavasos delanteros
  • Cajuela en la puerta del conductor
  • Cajuela en la puerta del pasajero
  • Garantía de parachoques a parachoques - 36 meses/36,000 millas
  • Garantía sobre el grupo motopropulsor - 60 meses/60,000 millas
  • Garantía contra la perforación por corrosión - 60 meses/distancia ilimitada
  • Garantía de asistencia en la carretera - 24 meses/25,000 millas
  • Garantía de manteniemiento - 24 meses/25,000 millas
  • Espejos retrovisores con ajuste eléctrico
  • Espejos retrovisores - color carrocería
  • Parachoques - color carrocería
  • Cilindrada - 2.0 L
  • Configuración de cilindros - H4
  • Potencia - 205 cv a 7,000 rpm
  • Par motor - 156 pie-lb a 6,400 rpm
  • Válvulas - 16
  • Control variable de intervalo de válvulas
  • Combustible recomendado - premium sin plomo
  • Transmisión manual - 6 marchas
  • Tipo - tracción trasera
  • Diferencial de deslizamiento limitado
  • Economía de combustible combinada - 24mpg
  • Tanque de combustible - 13.2 galones
  • Economia de combustible en ciudad - 21mpg
  • Economia de combustible en carretera - 28mpg
  • Faros completamente automáticos
  • Faros con apagado diferido
  • Limpiaparabrisas intermitente con intervalos variables
  • Desempañador
  • Lámparas de lectura delanteras
  • Tacómetro
  • Indicador de la temperatura exterior
  • Indicador de baja presión de aire en los neumáticos
  • Computador de recorrido parcial
  • Cámara de asistencia al aparcamiento trasero
  • Visualizador - analógico
  • Cilindrada - 2.0 L
  • Potencia - 205 cv a 7,000 rpm
  • Par motor - 156 pie-lb a 6,400 rpm
  • Diámetro x carrera - 86.0 x 86.0 mm (3.39 x 3.39 pulg)
  • Relación de compresión - 12.50 a 1
  • Longitud - 4,234 mm (166.7 pulg)
  • Ancho - 1,775 mm (69.9 pulg)
  • Altura - 1,285 mm (50.6 pulg)
  • Distancia entre ejes - 2,570 mm (101.2 pulg)
  • Radio de giro - 5.5 m (18.1 pies)
  • Espacio para piernas delantero - 1,064 mm (41.9 pulg)
  • Espacio para piernas trasero - 759 mm (29.9 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza delantero - 942 mm (37.1 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza trasero - 889 mm (35.0 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas delantero - 1,349 mm (53.1 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas trasero - 1,151 mm (45.3 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros delantero - 1,384 mm (54.5 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros trasero - 1,313 mm (51.7 pulg)
  • Volumen de pasajeros - 2,166 L (76.5 pie3)
  • Frenos de discos en las 4 ruedas
  • Frenos frenos antibloqueo (ABS)
  • Sistema de asistencia al frenado de emergencia
  • Dos bolsas de aire frontales
  • Dos bolsas de aire laterales delanteras
  • Bolsas de aire integradas en el techo
  • Bolsa de aire con sensor de ocupantes
  • Alarma de pánico
  • Inmovilizador
  • Programa de estabilidad electrónico
  • Control de tracción


  MSRP Motor Transmisión Ciudad/Hwy mpg
Base (M6) (STD is Estimated) 2017 Toyota 86 Coupé Base (M6) (STD is Estimated) Buscar nuevos $26,255   205-hp 2.0L 4-cil  man.  21 / 28  
Base (A6) (STD is Estimated) 2017 Toyota 86 Coupé Base (A6) (STD is Estimated) Buscar nuevos $26,975   200-hp 2.0L 4-cil  automática  24 / 32  


Driving Impression

New Car Test Drive

The Toyota 86 isn’t about power or straight-line speed, which is a good thing. The 2.0-liter engine is not a turbo (so far), so the zero-to-sixty time of about 6.7 seconds is not exactly neck-snapping. Still, it’s quick enough for fun, especially considering that cornering is what the car is meant for. More specifically, tossing it around corners.

The boxer engine is mounted low and rearward, for good balance. We got seat time in a model with the available lowering springs, lighter alloy wheels, stiffer rear anti-roll bar, and TRD exhaust system, but we didn’t feel much overall improvement. The lowered suspension reduced lean in corners, but it wasn’t that much to start with; and it bounced more over bumps. But we liked the wheels and exhaust system. And if you’re really into drifting the car around corners, you’ll want that bigger rear sway bar.

The electric power steering is precise, well-weighted and quick, but it doesn’t have much feel, making it not very communicative. The rear tires are low rolling resistance, a bit harder, so they don’t have a lot of grip, part of Toyota’s plan to make the 86 fun to toss in slow corners. But they don’t break away at the limit, they just hang there. So the more you toss the car, the more confident you become in it. It feels light and nimble, and is very neutral.

What makes the 86 exceptional is that this aggressive driving isn’t something you can do with a higher-powered or bigger car. A Mustang is well balanced too, but if you try this on the street with a Mustang, you’re risking too much.

Still, the Toyota 86 is less tail-happy than the Subaru BR-Z. The chassis is a bit stiffer, the shocks and springs are stiffer in front to sharpen turn-in and softer in the rear to give more grip to the rear end in corners. Meanwhile, the Sport mode has been changed to Track, to allow the car to drift a bit more before the stability control saves things. What this all means is that it’s a bit harder to pitch the 86 into a drift, but a bit easier to control it when you do.

The high powerband of the engine is more fun with the manual transmission. It’s happiest up there at 5000 rpm. It’s easy enough to keep it there with the paddle-shifting automatic, but it gets a bit monotonous flipping those paddles all the time. The lack of torque at low rpm is more frustrating in the automatic.

The brakes offer good feel and slow down the car well enough, and in half a dozen hard laps on the track there was no fade. And while we’re on the track, a discordant note: don’t be fooled by all the reviews that toss around the word tossable. On the track, in faster curves where you ease the steering wheel instead of throwing it, the 86 still understeers.

Walk Around

New Car Test Drive

The Toyota 86 has classic proportions of a long hood and short tail, with a modern aero look. The roof sweeps up and dives down in a graceful arc that meets the rear fenders and stubby deck. It’s long, low, and sleek, yet something seems missing that keeps it from being as stylish as it could be. Maybe it’s the simple surfaces with no real sculpting.

The 86 is different from its parent Scion FR-S, with its wider and more complex grille, with LED headlamps, driving lights, and turn signals. Flared front fenders bulge upward, with new gills that create a vortex to improve airflow. At the rear, there’s a fresh bumper, LED taillamps, and a diffuser with one more slat to improve downforce. The alloy wheels with twisted spokes are also a change from the Scion.

Interior Overview

New Car Test Drive

The cabin is basic, handsome, and built well. It’s consistent with the car’s design ethic of form following function. The upholstery is one-tone and the gauges are located squarely in front of the driver. The diameter of the steering wheel is about one inch smaller than it was in the Scion, for a sportier feel.

Trim-wise, the plastic bits flow in clean lines with carbon-look accents, while the dash and door panels feature synthetic suede with silver stitching.

The front seats are excellent, comfortable and well-bolstered with good hip room. There’s enough headroom in front drivers taller than six feet. The rear bench seat is for kids, and folds flat for packages. The trunk is large; Subaru likes to say it can hold enough for a track day: four wheels with tires and a toolbox.

You can’t clearly hear the exhaust note in the cabin, even though it’s piped in. Wind and road noise takes over at 70 miles per hour.


New Car Test Drive

The modest power is matched to the goal of this well-engineered and affordable sports car, but if lack of oomph is a dealbreaker, wait for the turbo. You won’t find a car that’s easier to play with, in the twisties. Go for the manual 6-speed gearbox.

Sam Moses wrote this review, with staff reports by The Car Connection.

Model Lineup

New Car Test Drive

Toyota 86 ($26,000) standard equipment includes cloth seats with manual adjustment, fold-flat rear seat, cruise control, adjustable steering wheel with leather trim, aluminum pedals, Bluetooth, keyless entry, rearview camera, eight-speaker Pioneer HD radio with touchscreen, LED taillamps, and 17-inch alloy wheels on skinny 215/45 Michelin summer tires. Six airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control, limited-slip differential, traction control, and hill start assist are also standard.

The only option is a Display Audio system with navigation, iTunes tagging and Pandora capability. However there are dealer accessories, including wheel locks, floor mats, lowering springs, forged wheels, bigger anti-roll bars, strut braces, TRD exhaust, TRD air filter with cold air intake, bigger brakes, and a rear spoiler.

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