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2018 Toyota
Camry Sedán

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  • Capacidad máxima de pasajeros - 5
  • Asientos delanteros tipo butaca
  • Con ajustes eléctricos en 2 direcciones asiento del conductor soporte lumbar
  • Apoyabrazos central delantero
  • Asiento trasero de tipo banco
  • Apoyabrazos central trasero
  • Radio AM/FM
  • Controles en el volante para sistema de sonido
  • Altavoces - 6
  • 1a fila pantallas de cristal líquido LCD - 2
  • Dimensión de la pantalla LCD primaria - 7.0 plg
  • Conectividad inalámbrica - Bluetooth
  • Suspensión independiente a las cuatro ruedas
  • Barra estabilizadora delantera
  • Barra estabilizadora trasera
  • Dirección asistida
  • Dirección asistida proporcional a la velocidad
  • Llantas delanteras - 205/65 VR16.0
  • Llantas traseras - 205/65 VR16.0
  • Dimensión de los aros de ruedas - 16 pulg
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Control de velocidad de crucero
  • Control guarda-distancia
  • Ventanas eléctricas
  • Apertura de un solo toque
  • Cierre de un solo toque
  • Cerradura central de seguros a distancia con control remoto
  • Entrada con iluminación
  • Volante inclinable
  • Volante telescópico
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del conductor
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del pasajero
  • Portavasos delanteros
  • Portavasos traseros
  • Consola de techo
  • Cajuela en la puerta del conductor
  • Cajuela en la puerta del pasajero
  • Cajuelas de almacenaje en puertas traseras
  • Garantía de parachoques a parachoques - 36 meses/36,000 millas
  • Garantía sobre el grupo motopropulsor - 60 meses/60,000 millas
  • Garantía contra la perforación por corrosión - 60 meses/distancia ilimitada
  • Garantía de asistencia en la carretera - 24 meses/distancia ilimitada
  • Garantía de manteniemiento - 24 meses/25,000 millas
  • Espejos retrovisores con ajuste eléctrico
  • Espejos retrovisores - color carrocería
  • Parachoques - color carrocería
  • Cilindrada - 2.5 L
  • Configuración de cilindros - I4
  • Potencia - 203 cv a 6,600 rpm
  • Par motor - 184 pie-lb a 5,000 rpm
  • Válvulas - 16
  • Control variable de intervalo de válvulas
  • Inyección multipunto MPI secuencial
  • Combustible recomendado - regular sin plomo
  • Transmisión automática - 8 marchas
  • Control de cambio secuencial
  • Tipo - tracción delantera
  • Tanque de combustible - 14.5 galones
  • Economia de combustible en ciudad - 29mpg
  • Economia de combustible en carretera - 41mpg
  • Faros completamente automáticos
  • Faros con apagado diferido
  • Limpiaparabrisas intermitente con intervalos variables
  • Desempañador
  • Lámparas de lectura delanteras
  • Lámparas de lectura traseras
  • Tacómetro
  • Indicador de la temperatura exterior
  • Indicador de baja presión de aire en los neumáticos
  • Computador de recorrido parcial
  • Advertencia de abandono de carril - activa
  • Cámara de asistencia al aparcamiento trasero
  • Visualizador - analógico
  • Colisión frontal - mitigación
  • Cilindrada - 2.5 L
  • Potencia - 203 cv a 6,600 rpm
  • Par motor - 184 pie-lb a 5,000 rpm
  • Diámetro x carrera - 87.4 x 103.4 mm (3.44 x 4.07 pulg)
  • Relación de compresión - 13.00 a 1
  • Longitud - 4,879 mm (192.1 pulg)
  • Ancho - 1,839 mm (72.4 pulg)
  • Altura - 1,445 mm (56.9 pulg)
  • Distancia entre ejes - 2,824 mm (111.2 pulg)
  • Radio de giro - 5.7 m (18.7 pies)
  • Espacio para piernas delantero - 1,069 mm (42.1 pulg)
  • Espacio para piernas trasero - 965 mm (38.0 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza delantero - 973 mm (38.3 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza trasero - 965 mm (38.0 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas delantero - 1,407 mm (55.4 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas trasero - 1,389 mm (54.7 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros delantero - 1,466 mm (57.7 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros trasero - 1,415 mm (55.7 pulg)
  • Volumen de pasajeros - 2,843 L (100.4 pie3)
  • Frenos de discos en las 4 ruedas
  • Frenos frenos antibloqueo (ABS)
  • Sistema de asistencia al frenado de emergencia
  • Dos bolsas de aire frontales
  • Dos bolsas de aire laterales delanteras
  • Bolsas de aire integradas en el techo
  • Bolsa de aire para protección de rodillas
  • Bolsa de aire trasera de impacto lateral
  • Bolsa de aire con sensor de ocupantes
  • Alarma de pánico
  • Inmovilizador
  • Programa de estabilidad electrónico
  • Control de tracción


  MSRP Motor Transmisión Ciudad/Hwy mpg
L 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán L Buscar nuevos $23,495   203-hp 2.5L 4-cil  automática  29 / 41  
LE 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán LE Buscar nuevos $24,000   203-hp 2.5L 4-cil  automática  28 / 39  
SE 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán SE Buscar nuevos $25,200   203-hp 2.5L 4-cil  automática  28 / 39  
XLE 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán XLE Buscar nuevos $28,450   203-hp 2.5L 4-cil  automática  28 / 39  
XSE 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán XSE Buscar nuevos $29,000   206-hp 2.5L 4-cil  automática  28 / 39  
XLE V6 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán XLE V6 Buscar nuevos $34,400   301-hp 3.5L 6-cil  automática  22 / 33  
XSE V6 2018 Toyota Camry Sedán XSE V6 Buscar nuevos $34,950   301-hp 3.5L 6-cil  automática  22 / 32  


Driving Impression

New Car Test Drive

The new Camry handles better than before, although it’s still average. We expected more, since the latest Prius improved its handing by so much.

The engine is no quicker than before, but it does get better fuel mileage. The 206-horsepower four-cylinder engine isn’t especially powerful. It pauses when you floor it, and sometimes takes two or three downshifts to get with the program, something that’s unfortunately not uncommon in cars with eight-speed transmissions and not much power. The Camry is far from the worst.

The speed of the 301-horsepower V6 with the same eight-speed, and even the Hybrid SE with its step-programmed CVT makes those powertrains more rewarding. The Hybrid SE sport model programs six simulated gears into the CVT to remove the big rubber band feeling of one-speed CVTs. The V6 gives the driver smooth speed at any time, without the need for the transmission to downshift so much.

The LE Hybrid offered as much enjoyment as the V6, if not the same kind of pleasure. It was quiet except when it was pinned, and in that situation it revs with a machinery-like noise. we drove proved as enjoyable as the V-6, in a different way. The strong lithium-iron batteries allow the car to run in electric-only mode quite frequently if the road is flat, even at medium speeds. When the gas engine comes on, its imperceptible; so too is the transition regenerative and friction braking subtle. The Hybrid isn’t fast and doesn’t inspire you to try, it’s just smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

The previous Camry was pretty soft, so this one is inevitably better, but even the firmer SE and XSE models don’t feel so sporty. Meanwhile the feel of the electric power steering is much improved over the previous numbness. The Camry grips the road as well as most midsize sedans, although the tall tires on the LE can squirm on winding rural roads if the pace moves up. The XLE’s bigger wheels and tires are better.

The fully loaded XSE V6 handled best of all the Camrys we drove. It had strong acceleration, looked sporty, and was tightest in the corners.

Walk Around

New Car Test Drive

On its new chassis, the 2018 Camry is one inch lower, and a bit longer and wider. It’s sleeker and has a firm stance, but there might be differences of opinion about whether or not it looks more sporty and/or upscale than before. Toyota’s goal was to make it more expressive, and it is that. It’s crisp and racy. It makes the handsome Ford Fusion look a bit pudgy.

Many of the design elements aren’t new, having been introduced on the 2014 Camry when its styling was tweaked. The grille has thin wings that are spread like a gliding hawk, with a Toyota badge where the face of the hawk would be; it’s colored blue on Hybrid models. The sides and rear end have a lot more sculpting.

The sporty SE and XSE get a special nose and rear bumper, along with a small spoiler on the rear deck and shaped sills along the sides.

Interior Overview

New Car Test Drive

Like the exterior, the interior feels more stylish and premium, even on the lower models, thanks to a mix of soft materials and colors. The front seat bottoms have been redesigned, and the touchscreen on the dashboard is bigger.


New Car Test Drive

The redesigned Camry seems lacking. It’s clearly an improvement, but we expected to have our socks blown off. However it’s good enough, in an evolutionary and incremental way, to maintain its No. 1 position as best-selling midsize sedan. And it’s unquestionably more stylish. The Hybrid LE gets 52 mpg with its lithium-iron battery pack yet with an MSRP of just $27,800. That’s only about $3400 more than the original 2001 Prius that took 13 seconds to go from zero to sixty.

Sam Moses contributed to this report.

Model Lineup

New Car Test Drive

Five models are available with the standard 2.5-liter engine: Camry L ($23,495); Camry LE ($24,000); Camry XLE ($28,450); Camry SE ($25,200); Camry XSE ($29,000). Also available is the Camry XLE V6 ($34,400) and XSE V6 ($34,950). Camry Hybrid has three versions: LE ($27,800); SE ($29,500); and XLE ($32,250).

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