Toyota Safety Sense™ is an available suite of intelligent features that's intended to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians from the risks associated with automobiles.

It comes in two different bundles. There's Toyota Safety Sense™ C for compact vehicles (TSS-C) and Toyota Safety Sense™ P for midsize and large vehicles (TSS-P). 

Both versions address three key categories: collision mitigation, lane maintenance, and nighttime visibility.

If you live in Brunswick, Freehold, or Lawrence, and you have any further questions about this potentially life-saving technology, feel free to reach out to us at Dayton Toyota.

Toyota Safety Sense™ C - Compact Vehicles

Let's look at the features that are included in the available TSS-C package.

Pre-Collision System with Vehicle Detection. This software utilizes a camera and a laser to observe the vehicle in front of you. If it detects an impending collision, it'll warn you with both visual and audio alerts. It can even automatically apply the brakes if you don't react in time.

Lane Departure Alert. Let's say that you start to drift out of your lane without engaging your turn signal-that's when Lane Departure Alert comes in. It'll let you know what's happening so that you can get back on track before it's too late.

Automatic High Beams. Your Toyota will naturally switch between high beams and low beams, depending on the situation. This is a high-tech way to ensure that you have maximum visibility, but without blinding any oncoming drivers.

Toyota Safety Sense™ P - Midsize and Large Vehicles

Here's an overview of the features that are included in the available TSS-P package.

Pre-Collision System with Vehicle Detection and Pedestrian Detection. The TSS-P's PCS also has Pedestrian Detection. In other words, it can help you avoid crashing into a person, as well as an automobile.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist Function. It's comparable to the TSS-C's LDA, but it comes with the Steering Assist Function. Should you start to change lanes unintentionally, it'll apply some corrective steering torque in addition to the alerts mentioned in the previous section.

Automatic High Beams. See the above explanation of Automatic High Beams.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. This system, which is abbreviated DRCC, functions similarly to a standard cruise control. However, it takes it one step further. Its sensors will determine the distance between you and the car ahead of you. Then, the software will intelligently adjust your speed to keep that distant constant. 

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At Dayton Toyota, we understand that safety technology is the most important facet of any car. It's what keeps you, your family, your friends, and everybody else on the road alive.

We carry an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned Toyota models that are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense™. If you'd like to take a test drive or ask any questions, just contact us at Dayton Toyota.

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