When you set your eyes on the Toyota Camry's exterior, you will not be able to ignore the metallic front grille or the dazzling chrome accents that enhance it. This grille, however, is far from the only exterior feature that gives the new Toyota Camry its finely machined appearance.

Bi-LED headlamps are installed on the front end of the standard Toyota Camry. South Brunswick Toyota Camry buyers who select the XSE model will be able to take advantage of their model's illuminating LED Daytime Running Lamps, which add the Camry's distinct and expressive look.

If you want a Toyota Camry model with truly unique exterior features, then Dayton Toyota recommends looking into the Toyota Camry SE Nightshade Edition. In addition to this model's impressive badging and window trim, its outside color selection also adds to its breathtaking automotive design. Choose from Super White, Midnight Black Metallic or Celestial Silver Metallic.


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