If your automobile does not have a functioning transmission, you are not going anywhere. And if your automobile's transmission is functioning poorly, your ride will not be as smooth as it should be. Although the purpose of your automobile's transmission is to literally transmit or transfer the engine's power to the wheels and propel the vehicle through various levels of speed, rarely is the transmission's importance given any thought - that is, unless a problem arises.                                             

Below is a list of the types of transmission problems that are often encountered and the indicators of when transmission service may be required. Contact us today for transmission services in South Brunswick, NJ.                                      


Leaks and Insufficient Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the transmission's components, assisting in the transfer of the engine's power to the car's wheels. An adequate amount of fluid, therefore, is essential to the optimal functioning of your transmission and to preventing damage to its parts. Low fluid levels are often due to leaks and are often the result of faulty driveshaft or transmission seals or worn transmission gaskets. Signs of low fluid levels or leaks include gear slippage or slow shifting. To determine if there is a leak, your Toyota service technician will lift your car and inspect your transmission's seals and gaskets to determine if a seal or gasket replacement is necessary.

Worn or Damaged Torque Converter  

The torque converter connects an automatic transmission to the engine so that the car can move and the transmission from the engine so that the car can stop. If the torque converter is worn or damaged, the transmission can become damaged, sometimes permanently. Signs of a worn or damaged torque converter include the sound of grinding or brushing noises coming from the transmission, loss of acceleration, and shuttering. Losing power at highway speeds may also be due to torque converter damage and can cause overheating, which can eventually cause the car to shut off. If you are having any of these problems, contact your Toyota transmission expert.

Damaged Solenoid

The solenoid is a valve that controls the flow of fluid into and through the entire transmission. If transmission fluid levels become low or if there are problems with the solenoid's electronics, the solenoid can become damaged. If your car is experiencing shifting problems, particularly problems with specific gears, and there is no sign of leaks, solenoid damage may be the culprit.

Adjusting or Reattachment of Linkages or Cables

Transmission linkages or cables can become loose or disconnected. This can result in hard shifting, delayed shifting or no shifting at all. They can be secured or reconnected by your Toyota transmission expert.

Sensor Problems

Current automobiles now include a host of sensors and other electronic components whose purpose is to make sure that the automobile is functioning optimally. However, if the sensors that regulate transmission functioning cease to work or fail, your automobile will not drive or shift properly and might cause damage to the transmission.

Problems with the Vehicle's Computer System

All automobiles now contain computers that help coordinate the car's various functions. Problems with an automobile's computer, however, can translate into transmission problems ranging from erratic shifting to the inability of the transmission to shift at all. Your Toyota transmission expert can determine if your vehicle's computer needs to be reset or replaced.

Dayton Toyota

Dayton Toyota prides itself in providing superior service to South Brunswick, North Brunswick, Freehold, and Lawrenceville, New Jersey areas and has a full-service repair department equipped to handle any transmission repairs or any other service your Toyota may require. For more information or to schedule transmission service, please call our Service Appointment Hotline at 732-997-1899. We look forward to doing business with you.  

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