Toyota is popular for the design and manufacture of affordable vehicles for all driving styles. Toyota Camry is one of the models in the lineup of Toyota vehicles that come in very many trim levels. This spacious luxury sedan comes standard with many performance features, namely:

  • • All-wheel-drive configuration
  • • Powerful four-cylinder and V6 engines

All-Wheel Drive Configuration

The AWD is one of the unique performance features of the Camry that sets it apart from other sedans of its class. You can drive this vehicle with confidence since it can handle all weather conditions. When there is less traction on the front wheels, the AWD system will send the torque produced to the rear wheels for improved traction.

Powerful Four-Cylinder and V6 Engines

This sedan features an amazing lineup of gasoline engines, which include:

  • • 2.5L Dynamic Force 4-cylinder engine
  • • 3.5L V6 Engine

Like all the Toyota vehicles, these engines offer a high level of performance and efficient ride.


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