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Motor oil is an essential component to keeping your car engine in good running condition. The oil in your car prevents the heat and friction that would eventually weld the moving surfaces together and seize the engine. As gasoline is a vital component to running your car, so is clean oil. Your owner's service manual will tell you the recommended mileage for changing the oil. Have your oil changed in South Brunswick today at Dayton Toyota.

By performing regular maintenance, you can make sure your car will run well for longer. While most car dealers tell customers that a car only needs an oil change once a year, your car manufacturer may have other specifications. When you buy yours, be sure to find out when the oil was last changed. It may not have been changed during the time the location had the car, and they may not have any record of any previous maintenance, or it may have been more than a year since the oil was changed.

It is important that you make sure you ask about the service record, oil changes and such things, as well as examine the papers you receive to establish when the was last changed. Even if the person you are conducting business with says the oil was changed six months ago, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and have the oil changed to be on the safe side.

While you may know how to change the oil, or know someone who is handy in this way, it is always a good idea to turn to a professional. They are trained to make sure your car is in peak condition and will be able to check for any other potential issues with the engine at the time of the oil change. They are trained to not only perform the hands-on work but also to listen and look for much more detailed aspects of car care. The car care professional will also make sure there is a current and accurate log of all maintenance performed on your car while you own it.

While many mechanics suggest an oil change every six months to a year, the owner's service manual will certainly give you information about oil changes on a mileage basis. Other factors also help determine the frequency of oil changes for your particular car, such as the condition of the engine. If the previous owner was lax in performing the necessary changes, your mechanic may want to give your car a bit of extra attention until he or she is satisfied that there is no previous damage to the moving metal parts.

Another problem associated with waiting too long to change the oil is that the oil in your car's engine can become old and burnt. Old, burnt oil can create a sticky coat inside your engine. It is easy to see how this could have negative consequences such as inadequate engine performance. Moreover, old oil is among the top three causes of car fires. So, it is very important to routinely conduct the necessary safety, maintenance, which includes changing the oil at the correct intervals.

If you bought your car from a car dealership, you can certainly take the vehicle to them for the necessary regular maintenance. Dealerships offer varying services, such as engine tune ups, coolant flushes, coolant leaks, oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

Dayton Toyota in South Brunswick, NJ will proudly service your vehicle and ensure your car is in top running condition, so you can enjoy many more years with your car. Don't forge to get your oil changed routinely to stay safe on the road, and easily schedule your service online.

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