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Why you need to have a vehicle history report

If you are buying a used car, you want to know as much about it as you can. Though most dealers are honest, they may not know everything that happened to a vehicle before it came into their hands. That's why it's important to have a vehicle history report.

A vehicle history report is exactly what its name suggests. The report, which you can get from a variety of online services, has information about the vehicle's past. This can include previous owners, accident histories, any changes to the title and even service records.

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Benefits of the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Program

You don't necessarily have to break the bank in order to drive off the lot with a car that you love to drive. The Toyota Certified Pre-Owned program is a great way to accomplish this goal and end up with a reliable car.

One of the best benefits of the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned program is that you'll have peace of mind that your vehicle has been inspected by certified mechanics to ensure that there are not any issues before you drive away. You will also be able to take advantage of the remainder of the existing warranty package…
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Can a Used Car Survive a Demolition?

We're not talking about a demolition derby, where cars smash each other up. No, that's too mundane for the likes of Top Gear. When they want to destroy a car, they park it on the roof of a 240 foot tall apartment building that is due for demolition by controlled explosives.

When you drop a used vehicle off a building like this, you don't just have to account for the fall itself. There is also the matter of flying debris and crushing rubble. The truck could have easily been buried, never to emerge again.

But it wasn…

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Car Comparison: Toyota Corolla vs. Chevy Cruze

When it comes to the Corolla vs. the Cruze, the Toyota Corolla has a few minor changes. These changes include an upgraded audio system with a touchscreen and a revised grille. These changes are made to the upper trim levels. The Corolla also has Special Edition versions of the S and LE trims. They have additional luxury features and unique color schemes.

The Chevy Cruze has enhanced safety and infotainment features. It also includes a…

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Car Comparison: Toyota Camry vs. Ford Fusion

In the world of mid-sized cars that are affordable, there are two cars that are competing for sales. Who will win the ultimate battle of the Camry vs. the Fusion? That is for you to decide! Here are some of the perks of each vehicle that may persuade you from one to the other.

 The 2014 Toyota Camry comes in a few versions. The first version is the standard fuel-efficient mid-sized sedan. The second version…

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Car Comparison: Toyota Camry vs. Honda Civic

The Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic are very similar vehicles. When left with the choice of Camry vs. Civic, which should you choose? Both are excellent cars, but the Camry comes out just a bit ahead of the competition. From the inside out, the differences are small, but these small things add up and make the choice clear.


Inside the cars are basically the same. They seat five and come in two interior…

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Car Comparison: Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V


In the RAV4 vs. CR-V battle for compact crossover SUV dominance, Toyota and Honda both have capable entries. The RAV4 Sport and CR-V LX both have four-cylinder engines, optional all-wheel drive, and room for five. Fuel efficiency is practically equal between the two (22 miles per gallon in the city for both, 29 highway for the Toyota, and 30 highway for the Honda).

What are the differences you should consider when making your buying decision…

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Car Comparison: Toyota FJ Cruiser vs. Honda Pilot

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been around for a while, but the newly released Honda Pilot is now giving Toyota a run for its money in the lower price range for SUVs. So let’s see how the two vehicles compare to each other in an FJ Cruiser vs. Pilot match up.

Engine Specs

The FJ Cruiser includes a 4.0-liter V6 engine that puts out 260 horsepower and plenty of towing power with 271…

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Car Comparison: Toyota Prius vs. Honda Insight

More than ever before, car buyers are opting for fuel-efficient vehicles, and that includes a growing interest in hybrid models. Topping the list of the most popular hybrid cars in the United States are the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. A side-by side comparison is helpful in determining which car is better suited for you and your family’s needs.

Comparing Fuel Economy

Both the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight get better fuel…

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Car Comparison: Toyota Tundra vs. Dodge Ram

When it comes to full-size pickup trucks, people want their vehicles to be reliable and strong. Two contenders that have repeatedly performed well include Toyota's Tundra and Dodge's Ram Truck series. A Tundra vs. Ram comparison is apt for anyone looking to buy a new truck.

The Dodge Ram 1500

The Ram Truck is a mainstay of Dodge's vehicle line, and the 1500 represents the full-size entry level pickup for the brand…

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